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Is it possible to edit a link / linkname I entered like Linkname on iPadOS?

In version 9 you can now do this by placing the cursor in a link and tapping the link icon in the plus button above the keyboard. You can also use the markdown like syntax to create such links:


Managed once to edit the link (no way to change the name). After that I tried again but “ADD Web link” appears. Not EDIT. Link is still intact.

Here are the steps you could try:

  • tap and hold a URL
  • release when the menu with actions shows up
  • tap outside to dismiss it without any action taken (this should place the cursor right behind the link)
  • tap the plus > link icon above the keyboard
  • the top entry in the menu should now be Edit Link

I placed the cursor at the end of the line. Tapped +, Agenda crashed. Sent report.

Correction: Tapped “Edit link”, crashed then.

Got it, have fixed it in the next beta, thanks for reporting

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Hi. Trying to change link name and followed the steps above. Edit link pops up change link but only shows URL but not link name. How do I change link name? Using latest version on iPad

Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look.