Edit Links in macOS

Am I wrong in finding that the only way to edit a link is through the pop-up? I enjoy the fact that Agenda auto-populates the title of a URL simply by pasting a URL in a text, but sometimes I would like to edit the title, and it appears that the only way to do so is via the pop-up, whereas my impulse is to edit entirely using a keyboard by arrowing into the link and having it unpack into the markdown version of title.

Currently it’s only editable through the pop-up. We don’t plan to have it expand to markdown as Agenda by nature is not a markdown editor and we only support markdown to create new links. However, I do realise there’s currently a bug that prevents simply arrow keying into a link and changing its text, which used to work. We’ll fix that.

Update: the fix should be part of the upcoming 18.1 update