E-mail to Agenda


I often recieve emails (sometime with attachments) that I would like to add to a note or create a note out of in a fast way. In Evernote I was able to forward an email specifying tags and folder location using a syntax in the subject line.

Anyone have suggestions for an efficient workflow to do this?




Drag and drop works fine. Just make sure you don’t drag “conversations” into Agenda, single e-mails only.

ah yes but when I do that Iget an “embedded” email file that I need to open in external program. i would like to convert it to an agenda note (or section of a note)

I don’t understand why Mail doesn’t have a Share button like every other app, to send messages to other apps. Seems crazy!

You can export as a PDF, and import that. Seems you can also select the message and choose File > Save As, and use rich text which Agenda can handle when you drag it in.

The Mail app seems alarmingly incapable of supporting standard Apple features for interoperability :frowning:

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Apple, in general, is one of the weakest users of their own technology. For example, look at the Shortcuts support (rather lack of), in their apps.

ping on this one: any thought on how I can take an email (in my case from MS Outlook) into an agenda note (not an attached email)

If Outlook, I save the email to One Note and then copy the note link to Agenda. Works great and syncs on all three devices (phone, iPad and Mac).

If I have a note that I need to have a number of emails linked to, I copy the link to the section header of the One Note notebook and that I can quickly access them all.

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