Dynamic whitespace after tags and people

When inserting a tag or person into a note, a space is always added after the inserted item. It would be nice if no space were added when there is already a space character following the insert. The auto-insert is helpful if the following character is not a space, or no following character exists.

For example, the string This is a note. would change to This is a #tagged note. if the cursor is placed after the β€œa” character, a space is inserted, and then the tag is typed - a common editing process.

Ironically, the input sanitization removed the double whitespace from my example.


And it did it again - I give up after this try.

This (space) is (space) a (space) #tagged (first space) (second space) note.

Makes sense, thanks for the feedback, will add it to my todo list.

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Awesome! Great application. It’s totally changed my productivity game at work.

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