Dynamic #tag arguments inside template

Hey Agenders,

I’ve been struggling for a while with search and navigation and desparately wanted to something like this

referencing particular note via tag
#reference(standup-\now(format: yyyyMMddHHmmss))

put creation date into notes template

As you can imagine it doesn’t work


I’ve found an elegant solution, but it works only for date,time,now actions so far

According to this lengthy specification there a way of escaping characters used in date format.

so here is a solution

\date(format: '#created('yyyy-MM-dd'))

\now(format: '#reference(standup-'yyyyMMddHHmmss'))

and result

So the idea is to have tag defined inside date format. Keep in mind you need to reset format according to documentation.

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Smart thinking and a great and elegant solution! Thanks for sharing!

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