Duplicate / split note

Just decided a note I have is far too long. Would be great to be able to duplicate it or split it.


Indeed on our list, thanks for the suggestion.


The famous "Copy & paste“ - C&P a note, thats what I do when duplicating a note.

Yeah, I mean, Cmd-A, Cmd-C, Cmd-V, three keystrokes! Learned that, well, a long time ago!

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Hah! Didn’t realise you could copy and paste an entire note. I’ve been selecting the text, copying, creating new note, pasting!

And then copying and pasting the text I want to be the note title into the title field. This last is more complicated that it sounds: if you don’t actually delete the placeholder ‘untitled note’ you paste your text into those words, depending on where you clicked the cursor. And selecting text by double clicking a paragraph brings the carriage return with it - which makes a real mess of the title!

I’ll try copying and pasting entire notes when I get to my Mac.

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Would be even better to have a “Duplicate” option. I have an ongoing project that has a few things I regularly track so I created a Template note. Rather than selecting Copy Note, it would be great to have a Duplicate Note. Is this in the works?


It’s something we’d like to add yes.

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Another vote here for duplicating notes.