Duplicate notes created when two projects selected in sidebar

What I did:

Had two projects selected in the project sidebar, so that I could see the notes in both in the central column.

Selected an event in the calendar, created a new note

A dialog asked which project the note should be added to. I selected one of the projects.

What happened:

Two notes associated with the event were created in the selected project

What I expected:

One note

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Version 18.3.2 (295) - Mac App Store

Edit: I’ve since deleted the Notes created, removed the Agenda links from the event in Fantastical, opened Mac Calendar App to force refresh (hopefully), restarted Agenda. And then tried to create a note associated with the event again. Two notes created again - even though I hadn’t selected any project in the sidebar.

Thanks for reporting, very odd, we’ll try to reproduce this.