#due tags not works as usual

What I did: type #due and would like to set the due date.

What happened: cannot set the due date as it keep removing the bracket after my inputs

What I expected: the tag will be update to #due(2022/10/20) after my inputs #due(tomorrow) or any date will be embed in.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Mac 12.5.1 / Agenda 16.0 (257)

Please refer the video: https://risu.io/837Qm

How do you insert the tag, using the keyboard command? Or by typing the hash symbol?

Also, which keyboard input method do you use?

@mekentosj for the case of screen recording, I was typing the hash # symbol with english keyborad setting instead of using keyboard command.

In the upcoming 16.1 update we have made some changes in this area, would be good to know if things have indeed improved once it’s out.

Thanks for the update, will try. :slight_smile: