Dropbox Sync Stopped Working

What I did: Added some new Projects/Notes on Agenda on OS X

What happened: I see the files picked up in Dropbox on both my OS X device and iOS Device

What I expected: The same Projects/Notes to appear on Agenda for mobile. They did not. I actually attached an excel file to one of the notes and verified that was in the dropbox (you don’t seem to encrypt attached files), so I know dropbox has the most recent data.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Macbook Pro, Amazon Corporate OS X restricted (hence dropbox) Big Sur 11.6.2, Agenda version 13.1.1
iPhone 13, OS: 15.1.1 Agenda Version 13.1.3

Do you see any data sync over at all?

Do you mean you can see files being added to Dropbox on your Mac?

Usually, this is simply a case of giving the device enough time to upload/download the data. You could hold Agenda in the foreground for a while, just stopping your device from going to sleep, to give it time. If you don’t want to to have to constantly keep the device from “sleeping”, you can turn off the Autolock in the Settings.

Repeat this on each device, letting it sync for around 20 minutes. Usually that will allow everything to upload and download, and it will be fast after that.

Note that you can see if it is syncing by looking for the cloud icon at the bottom of the right panel. It appears when there is sync activity.

Let me know if this doesn’t help.

The OS X application seems to correctly add data to dropbox, yes. And I can observe Dropbox correctly syncing across devices. The issues seems to be the iOS application not picking up the changes. I’ve allowed the mobile app to run in the foreground and see no changes.

Note: I do not see any cloud sync symbol on mobile.

OK, let’s assume the Mac is working fine then and focus on iOS.

Assuming the Mac has all the data, can you try simply deleting the iOS app completely, and then installing it again via the App Store? That will remove all the data on the device.

Then turn on the Dropbox sync in the settings of the iOS app (right panel, bottom left button). When you do that, it should take you to a web browser to sign in. Double check that the account you are signing in to in Dropbox is the same as on the Mac.

Let me know how it goes.

Kind regards,

Unfortunately, this did not work.

I deleted the app and reinstalled and signed in and the same lacking notes are missing.

Note as a sanity check I installed and signed in on an iPad and it synced everything successfully. This increased my confidence it isn’t Dropbox.

Next troubleshooting idea?

So you signed in on a new device, an iPad, and it synced up beautifully? But when signing in on the original iOS device, it fails? And deleting the app entirely from that problem device, and installing again from the App Store did not help?

You said it doesn’t sync anything at all, right? Ie you see no data appear on that iOS device, right?

Does that device have the latest Agenda installed? What about a recent iOS operating system?

When you start the Dropbox sync, does it take you to a separate browser window to sign in? And when you sign in, do you tap the button to go back to Agenda? (Ie you shouldn’t just switch back yourself. You need to tap the button in the browser to go back.)

The fact that an iPad works says to me the Mac is working, and the data is in Dropbox. And the iPad is running the same software as iPhone, so they should behave virtually the same.


I’m not sure why it wasn’t working before. I had iOS fully up to date.

I deleted both agenda and Dropbox this time. Restarted the device. Then redownloaded and it worked as expected this time.

I’m not sure when I selected Dropbox as the sync option before it prompted me for permission. Perhaps that’s a setting that was saved somewhere on the device only reset when I deleted Dropbox and it’s data?

There are still some quirks I don’t understand. For example, when I delete Agenda and it’s data, then redownload, I’m somehow auto-signed-in to my agenda account when I first open it. Like I go to account and it shows me signed in. How is this possible when I choose to delete the data from iCloud?

Glad the sync is working for you.

The sign in is explained by the fact that we put your sign in credentials in the iCloud Keychain. That is a secure place to put them, shared between devices. So even removing the app leaves that, because it is used on other devices.

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