Dropbox Sync Issue - receive changes, not sending changes

After having about 3 weeks of icloud sync issues I moved all of my devices to Dropbox.

What I did: Deleted all Agenda files in Dropbox from an old installation. Turned off iCloud syncing on all devices, deleting old data. Did get errors that iCloud was unable to delete the data. May have been caused by not waiting long enough time between devices.

Followed the instructions from a thread here to delete the ChangeSets files and Stores files \PersistentInfo folder on all Macs (work iMac Pro, work MacBook Pro and home Mac mini). Opened Agenda on primary computer, work iMac Pro - Ventura 13.0.1, and then turned Dropbox syncing on.

What happened: After some time and the Agenda sync clouds stopped moving I turned Dropbox syncing back on for my iPad Pro, work MacBook Pro and iPhone 14 Pro. While all of my devices synced up with historical data up to Dec 1, none of them received sync information from Dec 2nd on.

As a test, I created an entry today, Dec 5th on each of these devices. All devices received the others entry, EXCEPT the entry from the iMac Pro. The iMac Pro is where I create notes for that day and then take notes on any one of my devices.

What I expected: I expected all notes to sync seemlessly between all devices.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iMac Pro - Agenda version 16.1(263), OS Ventura 13.0.1
MBP - Agenda version 16.1(263), OS Ventura 13.0.1
iPad Pro - Agenda version 16.1(261) iPad OS 16.1.1
iPhone 14 Pro - Agenda version iOS 16.1.2

Please help! I’m at my wits end with this syncing issue.

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So you do have a Mac with all the data on it, right?

You have to be a bit careful with using the ChangeSet reset. That should really only be done from one Mac, with all other Macs data moved to the Trash. I suspect you now have a mix of changesets.

What I suggest is repeating the exercise, but only using the data from one Mac. Take the Mac with all the data, and do the change set reset as before, but before you do…

  1. Delete the apps on iOS devices (assuming you have all the data on the Mac)
  2. On other Macs, move the data to the trash
    a. Quit Agenda
    b. Click on Finder and choose Go > Go to Folder
    c. Enter ~/Library/Containers
    d. Move any Agenda folder to trash
    e. Move any folder called com.momenta.agenda.mac to trash
    f. Click on Finder and choose Go > Go to Folder
    g. Enter ~/Library/Group Containers
    h. Move any Agenda folder to the trash
    i. Move any folder called WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos to the trash

Once you have done all that, and also removed all iOS apps, do the changeset reset on the Mac with the data, and then let it sync up with Dropbox (clear the Dropbox data first, preferably by hand). When the cloud stops flashing, launch on another Mac and see if it gets all the data. Lastly, do the iOS apps.

I think with this more thorough reset, it should work. Sorry for the trouble.

Thank you very much for your quick response. I’ve done some further troubleshooting and I’m finding that a change in Agenda on one device will successfully sync with one, maybe two devices. After that the change never syncs.

Is there a limit on the number of devices that can sync with iCloud or Dropbox?

The instructions you provided assumed my Mac was the source of all my data, what if my iPad is the source? Would your instructions change?

Right now my iPad is the only source of all data. I would like to use iCloud to sync with:

  • iPhone 14 Pro
  • Mac Mini
  • iMac Pro (work)
  • MacBook Pro (work)
    All are running the latest versions of their appropriate OS’s.

What is the best way to reset everything so all of my devices will sync effortlessly?

There is no limit to the number of devices.

You can’t easily do the change set reset on iOS, because you can’t access the files like you can on the Mac.

If you want to try a reset from the iPad, I would recommend this:

  1. Disable sync on all devices, removing cloud data
  2. Delete app on all devices except the iPad
  3. On the Macs, move the data to the trash as described in previous post (don’t empty trash until everything is working fine)
  4. Now start the sync on the iPad and wait until fully uploaded (clouds stop). Disable autolock to allow it to finish if needed.
  5. Then try another device. If it syncs up, move to next, etc.


Again thanks for the reply. What does it mean if the syncing clouds never stop moving?

Based on the limitations you mentioned about restarting from iOS, I’ve updated my iMac Pro and the syncing continued all day yesterday and upon arrival this morning it’s still syncing.

Also, what are the implications of my iPhone saying that it’s unable to remove the data from iCloud?

If it can’t remove the iCloud data, some error must be occurring. You could try switching it back on, and then off immediately, and try the deletion again.

You can also delete the data in iCloud in the Settings app. If you choose the “Manage” option for the storage, it is possible to delete the data for Agenda there. But you should generally wait several hours for this to work properly before trying to start the sync over.

If the clouds never stop, either you have a lot of data, or there is some sort of corruption in the data that causes it to not properly finish. Clearing the data in iCloud can help this.

Thank you both for the Q&A; I’m having the same issues, and I tried all of the above with no results.
Sometimes I get tired and stop trying for a while, I wanted to try again after the Ventura update.
I keep this thread and will let you know if it works.
Good day all

On an iOS device, does deleting the iCloud Agenda data also eliminate it from the Mac as well? I haven’t done this yet, but am considering it.

Some follow-up on this issues. Good news is that the clouds stopped moving and my work iMac Pro is my baseline for Agenda. It’s the only device currently syncing at all and the only one I’m updating for now.

I did go to an old MacBook Pro that I no longer use, but had used it with Agenda in the past. I turned off syncing there and deleted the data. I’m letting all of this “sit” for a few days to ensure that all the changes/updates have propagated.

It depends how you delete the data. If you go into the app, move your projects to the trash, and empty trash, that will delete data from all your devices. So don’t do that!

If you want to start the iOS device from scratch, and it doesn’t have any unique data on it you need to keep, simply delete the app on that iOS device, and install again from the App Store. That will clear the data, and the device should start syncing again. It will not remove the data from any other device.