Dropbox sync for everything but one particular project and set of notes

What I did: Open Agenda on my iMac

What happened: Some notes and projects updated from Agenda on my Macbook Pro synced but one particular project and associated notes did not

What I expected: All projects and notes to sync

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda version 9.1.2, OS 10.15.2, Using dropbox sync with dropbox desktop app installed on both devices

Also checked with iphone app and the missing project/notes from the imac was synced successful from the MacBook.

I have turned off/on the sync on the Agenda app on the imac multiple times and shut down the app multiple times with no success. I tried creating a new project on the imac to see if it would sync back to the Macbook and it did not. I also tried logging in/out of my dropbox app to make sure there was no issue there. I’ve waited two hours and still no sync.

So if I understand it properly, that project has synced between the other devices, but refuses to appear on your iMac, correct?

My suspicion is simply that Dropbox sync is taking a long time. This is a known issue, and we want to spend some time making it faster, but for now it is quite sluggish, certainly for first time syncing a device.

I think the best thing to do is not mess with the sync settings, but to just to restart the whole Mac, and then let it run Agenda in the foreground for an hour or two doing nothing else. See if it “catches up”.

Hopefully you didn’t remove the cloud data when turning off the sync any of those times. If you did that, it will need to fully upload from other devices again before it can download to the Mac. That could be a while :frowning: