Dropbox Sync as good as iCloud Sync?

Hello, I’ve setup “my” Agenda again with Folders and Categories and Notes in there including a kind of “Daily Note” System based on some Templates.

It all syncs nice between iPhone, iPad and Mac(s) but now I would have to switch to Dropbox Sync as on my Work MacBook iCloud is disabled unfortunately. Before I go all in and upgrade again I wanted to know if there are issues with Dropbox Sync?

I read some posts that some (?) users had problems keeping several devices in Sync via Dropbox and the Agenda 14 should have fixed some Sync issues.

So is using Dropbox Sync as reliable (and performant) as the iCloud Sync please?

In all honesty, the Dropbox sync is not as fast as iCloud. Agenda 14 should certainly have improved the stability of the sync, but certainly for the first sync, you may have to be patient to let all the data upload and download. Once you are fully synced up, it should continue fine. It’s usually the first sync that will have issues in terms of taking quite a while.

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