Dropbox iOS to OS sync problem

What I did:
Change settings to sync with Dropbox on both laptop and iPhone
What happened:
While process was flawless, changes made on iPhone do not sync?! Changes made on OS do sync.
What I expected:
Changes made to notes either on iPhone or laptop to sync across.
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 and iOS v15.5

PS: reverting back to iCloud caused me to loose all files created today!! Documentation for Agenda should really emphasise that a new user should carefully choose the best platform for them (meaning planning ahead of time, where iCloud might be too expensive as Agenda grows…), as changing later is tricky and risky. Dropbox is not ready!!!

The Dropbox sync is somewhat slower than iCloud, unfortunately. Very likely, when you thought it had finished syncing, it was still busy. If not changes were going from the iPhone to the Mac, the iPhone was probably the one not finished. You can see if it is still busy syncing by opening the right panel: if you see a flashing cloud, or clouds moving over the islands at the bottom, it is busy. As soon as it finishes downloading all the data, it will start uploading the local changes for other devices.

You should not ever lose data by changing sync services. How did that happen? If you simply switch the sync off, and then onto a different service, it should merge the local data with the cloud data. Note again, this may take a while to finish.

The only way I can think you might lose data is if you delete the whole app before it has finished uploading. If you do that, you remove the local changes you made, and if they didn’t make it to the cloud, they will be gone unfortunately. Only a backup could bring them back.

Hope that explains things a bit.

Kind regards,

Hi Drew

Your explanation makes sense. What happened with the lost files, I don’t know.
I switched back to iCloud as it worked. The problem with it is the cost. Agenda is actually the last important app in my workflow still using it. Let see.

Cheers — Pascal