Drawings cannot be edited after the latest update

What I did:
Try to open existing drawing
What happened:
Was able to open but everything turned into DNG files
What I expected:
To edit existing drawings I created
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Latest Agenda version, iPadOS 15.3

I am able to edit my drawings over and over.

Using iPad Air 15.5, Logitech Crayon

Was the drawing from before the Agenda 14 release a few months ago? If so, we are aware of this issue. It crept in for older drawings.

We have a solution coming. Unfortunately for now you can’t edit the drawings, but you will be able to after we fix the issue. There will be no data loss.

Note that new drawings should work normally.

Update: Agenda 15 should fix the issue where older drawings cannot be edited again, thank you for reporting this issue and your patience in this matter!