Drawing zoom level does not adjust when iPad/iPhone is turned into portrait mode

What I did:
I made a drawing in iPadOS with the device in landscape mode. Then I turn the device around, into portrait mode, and open the drawing again.

What happened:
The zoom level does not adjust, so the whole note width is not visible. You have to scroll sideways in order to see (and work on) the right part of the note. This interupts the workflow

What I expected:
I expected the zoom level to adjust to portrait mode so that the whole note is visible, like it does in Apple notes.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version: 11.2, iPadOS/iOS version 14.2, iPad Pro 9,7, iPhone XS MAX.

We don’t currently have any zooming on the drawing sheet. The idea is to show the drawing at the scale you draw it at. This is particularly important for handwriting: imagine you write in your normal handwriting, then turn the screen, and it gets smaller. Try then to write at that smaller size. Tricky.

We will consider if we can offer some sort of manual zooming in future, but the idea of keeping the proportions the same as you turned the screen was one of our goals.

Thanks for the feedback!