Drawing On iPad Picks up both Apple Pencil and Hand

What I did: Used the Agenda app on Ipad for notetaking and added a drawing. Using apple pencil to take notes.

What happened: Agenda picks up my apple pencil but it also picks up my hand when I lift apple pencil away from the screen. This causes the drawing to be littered with a bunch of small dots and sometimes streaks if I move my hand when I write.

What I expected: I like how the Apple Notes app has an option to “Only Draw with Apple Pencil”, so it only registers input for drawing from the pencil. I was hoping Agenda might have that so my fingers could be used just to navigate rather than also draw simultaneously.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda version 8.0.2
ios 13.1.2 on 3rd generation iPad Air

We allow drawing by hand because some people don’t have pencil, and pencil also doesn’t work on the iPhone.

What we may try to do is detect when you are using a pencil, and when you are, disable the hand drawing. Will see what we can do.

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That makes a lot sense! Thank you for the timely response on this.

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I am exploring Agenda and find it very useful. I tried to find out how to use an apple pencil to add a handwritten note or drawing in Agenda but cannot find any lead as to how to do this. Is there a manual or video about how to add a handwritten note to a date or note?

There are help pages here: https://agenda.community/c/how-to

But confess, they may not be fully up-to-date.

To insert a drawing, put the cursor in a note, and tap the + above the keyboard. Choose the squiggle line button to make a drawing.

That did the trick. Thank you for your answer. This might be a useful update in “How to”

Apparently the How To does include this now.

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It would be nice if there was a setting that allowed for the user to select (per device) whether to accept non-apple pencil drawings. I use this feature in illustration apps. On my iPad Pro, I won’t ever want to use my hand because I always have my Apple Pencil attached.

We have some ideas on how to improve this indeed.

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