Draw my projects

Please, how can I draw my projects? I find no option for that.

Can you elaborate on what you mean exactly with “draw my projects”? Can you give and example?

Please, forgive me! I’m Brazilian and I don’t speak English fluently. I was trying to say that I would love to draw something like a beautiful landscape that I saw in my last vacation, afterward I would add some photos and notes. I would appreciate a lot, if all that possibilities could be found in the same app.
Thank you so much.

No worries, I had that feeling but wasn’t sure as pencil support can mean so many things to so many people. Yes, this should become possible in the upcoming update alongside iPadOS (though Apple is having technical issues, which have made it impossible for us to upload the update yet. Stay tuned!).

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Hi I purchased your product based on Apple Pencil support. Can you provide a update as to where that stands.

Good news, we’ve just submitted Agenda 8.0 for review not that it’s possible, containing the long-awaited pencil support. We hope to have it in your hands within the next few days.


Mr. Alexander Griekspoor,

Thank you very much for responding to my request so promptly. This is certainly good news!
Best regards,
Lainer Gomes.

Pencil on iPads will be great.

So, I assume that means there will be some sort of “drawing” container inside a note? Will it then be possible when using Sidecar on Catalina to draw on notes in Agenda on macOS?

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Hi Alexander,

I was waiting for this update. Hence, when this morning I found that it was available I immediately installed the update. However, I did not succeed to use it.I have an ipad pro (first generation) with an apple pencil (first generation too).

How to use the new functionality?



Dear Alexandre,

I found that the new functionality works after updating to the very last iOS system.

That is OK!

Thanks for the update.


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Indeed the Pencil support requires iOS13 or iPadOS or higher.

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