Dragging links from Safari address bar

A workflow I use quite often is to drag web links from the Safari address bar into a note. Especially while doing research, it’s nice to have Safari and a note open side by side and just drag stuff across to the desired insertion point - I find this requires less steps than using the Share Extension (plus on one of my Macs the Share Extension is blocked by my employer!)

In other apps including Apple Notes and Panda (and presumably Bear) and even TextEdit, dragging in an address inserts the title of the webpage linked to the URL.

I thought Agenda was doing the same until I found I couldn’t open the links on my iPhone. It looks like Agenda adds the link as a .webloc attachment.

Long story short, I would love it if Agenda would just insert dragged Safari links as hyperlinked webpage titles instead of .webloc attachments.

Alright, for now I’m working around this with this script assigned to a keyboard shortcut. But maybe it’s something to consider - I can’t imagine a scenario where a .webloc attachment would be preferable to a hyperlink.

tell application "Safari" to tell document 1
   set the clipboard to "[" & name & "](" & URL & ")"
end tell

This is not desired, indeed. We were not aware of this somehow, which is a bit odd. I guess most people just copy and paste.

Will add it to the list to fix. Definitely want a URL there, not a webloc.

Since I was working on this code I could quickly have a look and this will be supported in Agenda14, thanks for pointing this out. (cc @drewmccormack)



in the mean time, I use Hook App’s “copy markdown link” command which I then paste into Agenda. It’s a nicely-formatted link with the page title as the link text.

In that case, it is probably in a to-do list. I just forgot about it. We get a lot of requests and reports :slight_smile:

Update: Agenda 14 is now available and allows dragging links from the Safari address bar.