Dragging items should scroll screen?

Would it be possible to scroll the screen up/down while dragging an item and bumping into the top/bottom of the window?

Seems I can drag an item above the one currently showing within the window, but if I want to go further… beyond the bounds of what I see… nothing happens, as the window doesn’t scroll.

I realize we have menu options to move to the top/bottom, or by one item. But I so often need to move an item 5-15 “slots” and it seems I can only do it by moving it one slot at a time?

Are you referring to iOS or macOS? In principle the scrolling does work but you need to stick close to the top and bottom of the list, instead of dragging it out (as it then thinks you want to drag the note to another app or the Finder). I do notice this works more intuitively if you want to drag a note down than up because of the header at the top of the notes, we’ll see if that can be improved.

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