Dragging from Mail on iPadOS 13

What I did: Enter split screen view with Mail and Agenda, and dragged an attachment from an email in Mail into a note in Agenda

What happened: I get a link, which doesn’t go anywhere

What I expected: the attachment to be added to Agenda

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I could get this to work by dragging the attachment out of Mail and into Yoink, then into Agenda. Using latest version of os and Agenda.

We don’t support attaching emails at this point, just linking back to them. Unfortunately there is a bug in the link creation at the moment. We have fixed it, and it will be in the next release. Sorry for the trouble.

Thanks - just to be clear though, I’m not trying to link to an email. I’m trying to drag in a pdf, which is currently attached to an email, so that the attachment becomes part of the Agenda note.

Ah, I see. We will investigate.