Dragging and dropping paragraphs

Hi, I have started using Agenda, I think that its design is fabulous, as well as the features it offers, however I think that when writing a note, it is necessary to have a functionality that I have not found, such as allowing dragging and dropping paragraphs on the same note.

It would be great if this functionality could be implemented

If you select the text first, you can do exactly this!


If you like using shortcuts, you can use Command and Option and the Up and Down buttons to move selected text and checkboxes around :smiley:

We would indeed like to allow general dragging of paragraphs, but as pointed out, you have a few options: select and drag text, or use the new Edit > Move Text Up/Move Text Down, which works on the whole paragraph.

Thanks :+1:

Thanks a lot :smile:

Wait…doesn’t cmd+opt up and down just collapse/expand the entire note? Maybe there’s something I’m missing here.

Edit: it’s shift+ctrl up/down

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Spot on, that’s correct indeed.

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How can I drag a paragraph in iOS? Tried tapping, holding etc in various locations but no joy.

I think the way it should work is that you select the paragraph, and then tap and hold, and start dragging. Just checked, and this worked. Note that you are really just dragging the selected text. We don’t yet have a drag that automatically picks up the paragraph. (That is harder than it sounds, because you have gestures collide with text editing gestures, but we have some ideas about how we could do it in future.)

Got it! What seems to work for me is:

  • triple tap the paragraph
  • all text in the para is selected
  • touch and hold the selection
  • appearance of the selection changes from conventional selected text to a rounded rectangle
  • drag the rectangle to the new location.

It was the ‘touch and hold’ I was missing before!

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