Drag to reorder items in/between notes

Hi folks! Absolutely loving Agenda so far—I became a subscriber as soon as I started my first project with it yesterday.

One feature that I think would create tons of potential workflow possibilities is drag to reorder items in/between notes. You know the little yellow item signifier where the Styles/Lists options pop out when you click it? What if that was draggable?

What if you could reorder items in a bullet list or task list? What if you could drag the items into other notes?

Imagine if you have a task list of things you wanted to get done for the day. Night has fallen, and you still have some unchecked tasks leftover. My current workflow is to cut/paste these tasks into tomorrow’s to-do note (and then usually fiddle around to remove the extra leftover check bubble from where I cut and add another one to where I pasted and it didn’t successfully transfer).

What if instead, you could select the items and just drag them into the other note?

Thanks for creating this already superb app. Can’t wait to see what the future brings!


Glad to hear you like Agenda so much! This all makes a lot of sense, we have a number of ideas in this direction that we would like to see ourselves as well, stay tuned!

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Sounds fantastic. Great work so far!

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Another one I’d love to see, especially within bulleted checklists. I am pinning to do lists at the top of each project, and it would be great to be able to reorder items by priority.

I’d also love it if completed items could automatically bump down to the bottom of a list (and get struckthru at the same time).


I find myself trying to drag the little signifier all the time.

This would be great to implement!

One more thought:

The other feature that I would love to see is an “inbox” to quickly add things to Agenda for sorting later. The ability to drag paragraph/items by the left node maks an inbox feature even more useful, because you could easily sort later.

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+1 for drag to reorder and keyboard shortcut to reorder. I can imagine it should have haptic feedback on iOS.

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Yes! Need this before I move all notes here.

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+1 on this feature request.

I thought I was just missing how to do this. This is pretty critical.

I think that you need to add the ability to fold up sections that are under headings so that you can move entire sections with drag and drop. That would be a really good addition.