Drag #tags and @people into Sidebar for Overview

Hello guys,

Getting back to some use in Agenda again, as my life is so scattered, even a JIRA project won’t do…

Anyhow, I’ve been busy creating #tags and @people in some notes, and I’ve noticed that it’s not automatically added to the Sidebar. I am aware of how to make them in the Sidebar through the search function, but I’d propose a few things…

Add a setting that adds a “Project” at the bottom of the Sidebar that offers all Tags and People. Offer it with the normal “Hide …” element.

Super-Duper productivity winning bonus - DRAG A TAG into the Sidebar, and you have a saved “Overview” pinned-search element.

Finally, the “Overview” / pinned search should be for just that, saved searches. Tags and People searches should have their own icons, and should be their own category in the taxonomy.

If you have any questions, as ever, shoot me an email.

Cheers guys. And congratulations for your Apple award earlier!



Thanks for the feedback.

We do have plans to offer tag management/browsing down the track. We won’t be going the way of Bear though, where tags basically replace folders/projects.

I like the idea of dragging a tag to get an overview. Nice idea.

Thanks again!

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Nor would I want you to go full-bear. The paradigm of a container is better, but the ability to synthetically draw upon multiples based on a predefined search is one of the better strengths of Agenda, IMO.

While we’re at it, once a tag or person exists, auto-complete would be very handy to prevent misspellings and duplicate prevention.

Thanks for hearing me out, Drew. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, autocomplete is definitely on the roadmap. Just didn’t get time to do it yet.


The ultimate gain for me would be to move individual “saved searches” to Categories. Is something like that on the roadmap?

Not at the moment, perhaps down the road