Drag paragraphs between notes?

I’ve created notes called:

  • Key Tasks: This Week
  • Key Tasks: Next Week
  • Soon

The first two give me an overview of the key tasks coming up, including links to the relevant projects and notes, and Soon is for stuff that needs to be done sometime soon that I might otherwise forget - renew insurance, make a booking, stuff like that.

(I keep these On the Agenda alongside stuff that I’m actively working on at the moment.)

I’ve discovered that I can double click a paragraph to highlight it and then drag it to a different location within a note, but that doesn’t work to drag paras between notes. Which would be really convenient when I decide to postpone a task from one week to the next.

Any chance of dragging between notes in future updates?

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Good point, we do want to improve dragging between notes indeed.

Yes, that is a good point. For the time being, suggest using cut and paste. We will look into it in future.

How about dragging lines within a note with an up/down button just to arrange their sequence without having to use cut/paste? Thanks

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Definitely something we’d like to add as well indeed.


Do you think this might be a possibility by June? I find myself wishing for it almost on a daily basis. Probably my strongest request. Cheers.

I think that’s unlikely, sorry.

This is a neat idea! Some note-taking apps treat everything as blocks but that takes time and a lot of reorganization of data to revamp things on the back end.

Sorry for the crude humour in the end. I’ll keep on waiting for this feature, regardless of its status.