“Drag option" to move items into a note

I hope this is the right place to suggest a new feature for the app.

I usually need to change items order inside my notes, like the order of a list or a checklist. I don’t know if there is a way different than copying and pasting the item in order to change its place, but i would like to have the option just to drag them and put them where I need.

I would like to be able to move items into a note just by dragging them so i don´t have to copy and paste if I would like to change their place into the note.

I hope this could be taken in consideration for a future update, for me it is the only thing that is missing to be the perfect app.

On Mac, there are helpful shortcuts for moving text around: Edit -> Move Text Up / Down, and Format -> Indentation -> Increase / Decrease. I believe similar shortcuts work on iPad with a keyboard.

On iPhone, or iPad without a keyboard, there’s still indent buttons, but I believe nothing to move lines up or down.

Thanks a lot, that’s really helpful in the meantime. Hoping there’ll be a drag option in the future for all devices.