Drag-n-drop images from Jupyterlab does not work

I often want to keep in Agenda images that I generated in Jupyterlab (a web app + python server for data analysis).

However, drag-n-dropping images directly from Jupyterlab into Agenda does not work – nothing gets pasted (see video).

If I use Safari instead of Firefox as the web browser and attempt to drag-n-drop, the outcome is that a weird link is pasted in agenda (the link contains “data:image/png;base64 etc”)

I’m not sure what information I could provide that would help you guys.
Note that drag-n-dropping the images on the desktop works with Safari (a PNG is created on the desktop) but not with Firefox (nothing happens).

Currently my workaround is to shift-click the image to access the browser standard right-click menu, copy the image, then paste it in Agenda. It’s a bit more involved :slight_smile:

Drag and drop can be a bit tricky. Two apps that don’t know about each other have to agree to a format, and that can go wrong.

I guess for some reason, Agenda is getting data off the pasteboard other than the image. Maybe it sees some HTML or some other format there, and thinks that is a better format (more information).

It might be worth trying holding down option as you drag/drop. Perhaps that will have an impact.

It may be tricky to get around. If Jupyterlab is putting a link of the clipboard, as well as an image, it would be difficult for Agenda to know which to pick. Forcing one or the other, as you do with the copy now, is probably the best bet.

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FWIW, here are the contents of the drag

Most of the options include some sort of formatted text with a base64-encoded image within. There’s no straight PNG image anywhere :frowning:

I understand though that it’s not really a good use of your resources to try to fix each individual drag-n-drop issue :smile:

Holding option while dragging changes nothing to the contents generated, either with Safari or Firefox.

Indeed I would see if you can get Jupiter to do a better job and ask them to put a png on the pasteboard, it should then just work.

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I have opened issue #14614 on the jupyterlab repo, we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:

Try dragging the images from the browser into Yoink and from Yoink into Agenda. I have been using Yoink for years and really recommend it, it’s a well designed and maintained app from a wonderful developer just like Agenda is, too.

I’ll try that, thanks!