Drag-n-drop from photos on iPad not working

I had Agenda opened in Split View on my iPad with Photos on the other side. I dragged a photo from Photos to an Agenda note. While dragging the photo showed a green “+” and a caret appeared in the note, but when I let go nothing got inserted in the note.

This is indeed sometimes tricky because the note needs to be in edit mode when performing the drag (i.e. have a blinking cursor), we are trying to make this more lenient

Some additional info : I don’t have a hardware keyboard attached. So to have the note in edit mode (blinking cursor) I need to have the software keyboard on screen.

As I initiate the drag in Photos, the software keyboard helpfully disappears, making the note leave edit mode :smiley: … so the drop never works

(additional frustration : when the software keyboard is on screen, it hides the bottom part of Photos, so half of the photos are not available for drag-n-drop)

Think it shows well why the iPad still has a bit to go before it can seriously compete with multi-app work like it does so well on the Mac alas, we’ll see what can be done.

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Honestly I wasn’t even surprised that it didn’t work :smile: I figured I would report it just so you’d know

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