Drag email into project from Outlook app on iPad pro

What I did: I opened outlook app on iPad and used the Split View on iPad. Depressed email I wanted to drag from outlook to project on agenda.

What happened:it jus opened the email and didn’t allow me to drag the email into the agenda app

What I expected: the email to drag and be able to be part of the project in agenda

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 16, IOS 16.2 and iPad pro

I might be out of turn, but: As far as I’m aware the Outlook app for iPadOS isn’t really keen on playing nice with, well, anything; not Agenda or even Apple Notes.

Indeed, drag and drop may not work for all apps. It depends on each app putting useful info on the clipboard, and it is possible Outlook is not doing that.

If that is the case, there isn’t much we can do. You could make a request to Microsoft to improve it, but it is a big company, and difficult to move, if you know what I mean.

Sorry I can’t be much help with this.

A workaround could be that you use SPARK as a client email. You can send the entire email to Agenda adding remarks on it.