Drag&Drop a selected text into another note

Excellent tool - I’m using it throughout the day since a while and really don’t want to miss it any more.

I’m having two notes ‘ToDo’ and ‘Done’.
Once I tick off a task, I’d love to just move it into the ‘done’ note to clean up the ‘ToDo’ note. The Drat&Drop of selected text only works within the same note.

Alternatively - Having tick-box lists, it would be great that the ticked line would automagically move to the bottom of the list (or better to the lower part of the list, but on top of the ticked items)

Great to hear you like Agenda so much.

To start with the latter, these kind of todo list options are indeed on our todo list :smiley:

Regarding the automatic moving of items from one to another note, not sure if that’s a workflow we very much would encourage, instead we usually advice people to create a new ToDo note and preserve the old ones so it becomes a record of your past that you can go back to later. Having said that, we do plan to add a simple option to move some selected text to another note.

All right - I stay curious about the new improvements. It’s a Great Job you guys are doing, thanks for that!

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