Drag content into Agenda = New Note


In short, I have a pile of files I’d like to add to Agenda. Plain text, images and PDFs to be specific.

I was hoping there would be a simple drag + drop = new note. So if I grab twenty PDF files and drop them in then the result would be twenty new untitled notes. (Or twenty new notes with titles derived from the file names.) From what I’ve seen that’s not the case. Instead I seem to have to create a note, grab the file I want, then drag it into the new note. When dealing with 100+ files this becomes arduous.

So I wish there was a way to do this. One reason I’m approaching Agenda this way is a workaround to get my Evernote stuff into Agenda.


Agenda is a notes app, not a general file storage, so it makes sense that files can only be attached to notes.

You could create a single note, and drag all the items into that. I think that would work, but you perhaps should wonder if it is a good idea. Perhaps keeping the files in iCloud or Dropbox something is a better option. You can link to files in Agenda by dragging them in, and holding down CTRL when you drop them.

Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused by this as Agenda supports file attachments. In my world JPG, PNG, plain text and PDF are a common component of “a note”. (Evernote, Apple Notes and Bear agree.)

What I’m looking for is a convenient way to create individual new notes based on PDF, JPG and TXT files that I already have. You can try this to see exactly what I mean:

  1. Create three files: TXT, PDF and JPG
  2. Drag them right onto the Apple Notes icon

The result is three Apple Notes, each containing one of the aforementioned files. One action. Evernote operates the exact same way incidentally.

Here’s the Agenda way:

  1. Touch the “plus” icon
  2. Move mouse cursor into body of note (because it defaults to the note title)
  3. Drag one of the files into the note
  4. …now multiply this process by the dozens of PDF, TXT and JPG I’d like to incorporate into Agenda.

We’ll consider it. I think it would be handy to drop attachments, but I would put them all in the same notes. You don’t really want 10 notes called “Untitled Note”. Doesn’t fit the Agenda approach. A single note with 10 attachments would work better.

Thank you. That’s how it works currently. However consider that one note still requires further organization if the attachments are of disparate subjects or topics. Then we’re back to the “one-by-one” note approach.

Perhaps then a drag-and-drop of multiple attachments might prompt a question: “One note, or separate notes?”.

In any case, thanks for considering it.