Drag categories and projects up or down?

I do most of my work on my iPad, so this question applies to the iOS beta.
Is there a way to drag categories and projects up or down in the list on the left of the screen?

You can move projects between categories using drag and drop. Just tap and hold until it pops up, and then drag.

Just like the Mac, you can’t yet reorder projects. Will likely add that in future. Everything is alphabetical for now.

Reordering is alphabetical, which means you can rearrange the order by preceeding projects with a number or a symbol, or even a letter:

zAnything will end up at the end and !Unusual at the top. It’s not that much trouble rearranging this way.

I do the same with categories.

Is project re-ordering in the sidebar still not available? Given how far Agenda has come, this seems to be a key missing feature…. I have several projects under a category, and don’t want to keep using numbers/symbols to order correctly…

Not yet, still on the todo list, aiming for somewhere in 2019, but we can’t give a more accurate ETA than that at the moment I’m afraid.

So I’m curious— as a general Mac “power user” but not developer, it seems like re-ordering projects it more “basic” than some of the recently added functionality. And given how much work has gone into making the overall UI so great, having to put symbols or numbers to order correctly seems odd…is this just more difficult to code that seems on the surface?…. On a completley different note, realized you’re the developer of Papers, which I’ve been using for many years and love!

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Choices, choices, choices, and only 24 hrs in a day. In the end of the day (no pun intended) it came down to way more people asking for attachments and images support than for the ability to re-order projects. Doesn’t mean it’s not on our list still though, but we consider other things sometimes more important, sorry. I’m pretty confident we’ll add it in the course of 2019 though.

On a completley different note, realized you’re the developer of Papers, which I’ve been using for many years and love!

Awesome to hear that!

Just adding my vote to be able to re order categories.

Out of interest - I’m adding an emoji before each project to make it look more appealing.

How do I know where that emoji will re order my project?

Some seem to stay where they are, whilst other emojis will move the project up or down the list.

Sort order with emoji’s isn’t logical alas, probably it sorts in the order you also seem them when showing the emoji keyboard on iOS, though not sure.

Yeah, I couldn’t work it out - Although I’ve got a list that works for me at the moment.

I can imagine it’ll get a touch frustrating if the list grows and you can’t re order them though (strangely enough, you can’t on Bear either).

I’m conscious of not adding to the “when will this be here?” crew, but… Is this a “coming soon” feature, or a “one day” type feature?

Somewhere in the middle I’m afraid :smiley:

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I want to add my +1 to this. Project sorting just seems like a basic functionality to me.

Right now users are reduced to hacking the alphabetization of the list by putting in extra characters at the beginning and that just feels a bit kludgy in such an otherwise polished app.

Brand new user just setting up my projects. I‘d like to add a +1 to this request :slight_smile:

I have work projects which I know will be active later in the year but I don‘t need to work on yet — I‘d like to manually move these to the bottom of the list, and keep more current and active ones at the top…

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Yes, this is something I would like too, the ability to drag and drop notes up or down in a project.
Also, to be able to manually adjust the order of projects up and down in a category.

You guys are by far the most responsive developers I’ve ever seen! I understand you cannot fulfill every request right when we’d like it, there are only so many hours in a day, and you have a life too, but you respond to keep us in the loop. Your communication is top notch!

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Drag and drop of notes should be possible already. Just drag the top where the grip stripes are.

We would like to add reordering of projects and categories too. Stay tuned for that.

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