Drag and drop not working from mail

What I did: try to add a word or pdf document by drag and drop from ios mail

What happened: a kind of link was inserted stating”view open xml document’ but the actual document was not attached. The link did not do anything either

What I expected: the document to ne attched (I seem to recall this worked before)

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): ipad mini 5 ios 13

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We are aware of this issue, and plan to investigate. Sorry for the trouble.

Hi, any update on this issue?

Sorry, I’m afraid it is in a long list of things to look into. Will try to get to it.

I assume this is iOS only, right? I just dragged on the Mac from mail, and that seemed to work.

Hi, thanks for getting back to me (I appreciate you have a lot of work to do). Yes, it is on iOS only.

Pictures work, but office documents and pdf’s don’t. This is annoying, as I manage a lot of mail via my ipad.

I now use the share extension to save an attachment in apple notes, than drag from apple notes to Agenda – that actually does work, strangely enough, so the issue is strictly in the interaction with mail. I don’t know if the issue is also with other mail clients, since I am obliged to use the native app for work.

We’ll try to take a look. Thanks for reporting it.