Drag and Drop list items in and between lists

Coming from Notion where it’s easy to move list items around in a list and over to other lists. I find this essential for moving task items (checkbox) between lists for, say, now, soon, bubbling, done. Notion does this by attaching fade-up handles on list items or inded lists which select the list item and let you move them around.

Notion also makes this easy because you can have several lists - or even other content items - in a horizontal row in a page. Lists, mine at least, don’t often take up a full not width, it’s a good use of space.

You might also need to think about how you’d drag items into notes in other categories of projects

Thanks! Dragging of list items is certainly on the roadmap.



Just to emphasise, dragging to other lists in other projects is quite important to me. I spend most of the day dumping things into an inbox list, organising them into other lists later when I’ve time. I can see in Agenda those lists being all over the place, not always so easy to access from any given list

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