Down With Cloud Drive Snoopers Go pCloud

I have had many sync issues and lost lots of data since I started using Agenda. I don’t blame Agenda for these issues as there are a multitude of factors.

But that said I can not stand companies like Google, DropBox, insert any other major Snooper here that charge us for a service that in turn sell our information to the next guys. Not to mention keep us paying for what becomes a dependacy issue.

I feel its the same as continuing to stay in a abusive relationship with a drug dealer. doesn’t matter how they treat us, or what they charge us we get mad, then keep on using it.

It’s what I love about pCloud. Don’t get me wrong they have issues there as well and I remain optomistic that they will continue to improve. But with the encryption and zero knowledge, stacked with the lifetime option it’s more sustainable long term.

I just feel with the mind set that Agenda has, how they have listened to the community and dared to be different, I find it hard to belive you guys won’t ever create a solution that will in some way allow for custom storage/sync needs. I see pCloud mention a few times, and maybe not everyone knows who they are despite being one of of if not the #1 cloud storage solutions out there. how could they not be an option? lol just my thoughts while I am here.

What lifetime option clouds do you all use?

  • pCloud
  • iceDrive
  • NextCloud
  • OwnCloud
  • Internxt
  • PolarBackup

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I am not personally acquainted with pCloud. The problem with sync is that everyone wants some other service, and we can’t support them all.

We currently use iCloud as the default, since it fits best in the Apple universe.

Re: encryption, we have plans to support Apple’s new Advanced Data Protection. Effectively, if you turn that on, you Agenda data will also be e2e encrypted in the cloud. Stay tuned for that. I have already started working on it.

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