Double Tap Space Bar Too Sensitive

Hi there. I’ve tried other apps and am only having this issue with Agenda on my iPad mini with Apple Pencil.

The double click speed on the spacebar with the Apple Pencil is too sensitive and causes double spaces multiple times per sentence. This doesn’t happen with other apps, just Agenda.

It was causing periods in the middle of sentences which I disabled but now have a bunch of extra spaces in my sentences.

Please make the double tap sensitivity less sensitive or implement a slider for those of us with this issue.


OK, thanks for reporting it. We will investigate.

This seems to be resolved with yesterdays iOS update but I’ll test further and let you know if it is still an issue.

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Ah, good to know. Thanks for letting us know.

FYI after more testing I discovered that for the worst of this it was just a loose Apple Pencil tip (when it was triple tapping).

I was still able to exhibit the accidental double tap on keyboard with Apple Pencil with this app and to a lesser extent other apps but was able to mitigate it with the Keyboard Accessibility Settings by adjusting the delay between double taps on the iPad mini 6. This fixed it for me completely. FYI.

So Apple (though not obvious) has a slider for this issue so no need to build your own. I thought it would be an Apple Pencil setting but it’s a keyboard setting.


Thanks for sharing, good to know!