Double click on image thumbnail or inline placeholders

Samll feature request:
Double click on a file/image thumbnail expands into Full Width view.

It currently requires a click (opens the modal) aa mouse movement to the Full Width view option and another click to expand.

It is a frequesnt functionality and the double-click action is available and not doing anything when applied to image/file thumbnails.

If you agree, a small arrow/triangle in a top right corner should be added to one-click collapse.

This UX functionality makes it much easier to browse at collapsed images and files in a note.


Not following 100%. What is the request exactly? That a small button be added to open the image? Just the same as double click?

No. No need for a special button.
I will try to be clear.

When you have a collapsed image (inline, thumbnail, thumbnail with title), it will be good to simply double click it into Full Width view.

From that point:
Shift or Option Double Click - collapses the image back its origianl state (inline, thimbnail etc.)

Another Double-Click on the image (which is now in Full Width View) will open the file itself with the application designated for it.

I hope this is clearer.

This will make the workflow way easier to browse through multiple collapsed images within a note.

Hmm, the main problem I have there is that a double click on the image to see what the image is will effectively edit the note. That image will become full size, and that will sync to your devices etc. I’m not sure that is entirely desirable for just “quick looking” the image.

What is the problem with the current situation? On the Mac, you can option-click to quick look, which is a good way to see the image without opening it entirely. A double tap/click should then open it in another app.


Your are correct.
I was not aware of the Option-Click function.

The only thing it does not cover is a “Expand All” scenario and “Collapse All”.

When there is a note with text and associated images, the ability to open all and collapse all for quick review is significant.

You can consider this maybe…

Thanks for the feedback! We’ll keep that in mind.