Done items and archive

I’m trying my best to make Agenda a part of my workflow.

I’ll write a proper breakdown at some point to share with the community, but in the meantime here is a couple of feature requests:

When items are “done”… they’re still there. I want to get it out of my way… so I end up deleting it… which is not the best thing as it’s getting rid of the paper trail.

It would be good if there was an option to “hide items that are done”, or archive done items.

I know it’s been mentioned to have an archive… and the suggested work-around I.e. by putting the note in a subfolder is ok, but, when searching I want to have the option to search current notes… i.e. bring up what’s currently on the agenda, not raise all the history. So needs a proper archive with the ability to omit archiveed items from the search if needed.

I hope to see these issues sorted soon… thanks for the app so far and the fair pricing model, I purchased without hesitation.


Archiving is something we definitely want to do, and have been planning for. I think you will like our solutions. Stay tuned.