Don’t load a webpage when links are tapped in edit mode

Hey! Agenda has become my go to note taking app. I have a suggestion.

As a frustrated user
I want links to be treated as text and not as links while editing a note.
So that I don’t keep jumping to websites when trying to edit my note.

Acceptance Criteria
Move the insertion point to where I tapped. Do not follow the link.

This is especially frustrating when the link is the last thing in the list and I need to append text to the list.


This is a tricky one. I certainly see where you are coming from, but we wanted to make links as easy to click as possible. Agenda is used a lot for bookmarking etc, so you really want to very quickly be able to click a link to open it, not have to go through a menu or something.

Thanks for the feedback! We certainly take it on board.

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Well, as a really frustrated link user, I’d rather ‘confirm’ using a link with a pop-up once, rather than have to hit the sweet spot in a note 5-10 times before I can continue to enter text. YMMV!

It sounds like Agenda is trying to have it both ways. It is essentially a note taking app. It’s marketed as such. But the app is also trying to be a bookmark manager. Agenda’s primary function is being negatively impacted by this secondary off book function.

Is the frustration of the users trying to use Agenda for its primary advertised function worth the frustration of people who can no longer use agenda for its secondary function? How many users who are trying out Agenda stop using it because “it’s broken”?

Can this be solved by adding “go to webpage” to the tiny pop over menu that also contains cut copy paste etc. The impact on the note takers would be greatly improved at the cost of the book markers having to long press a link while editing a note.

In viewing mode just tapping the link is fine to go to the webpage.

Thanks again for reading.

I use Agenda for both function, in particular I prefer to link to local files rather than embed them.

I’d much prefer a long press to open an link if it made it easier to edit the text of the link.

I think we’re saying the same thing. If so, I’m ok with a long press as long as it makes it easier to edit text ‘around’ the link. I want to make the link Less sensitive to editing the text ‘around’ the link.

You seem to imply that this is unusual behaviour in Agenda, but this behaviour is completely standard for note taking apps in general. Go into Apple Notes, and tap a link, and see what happens. I believe Bear and others do it exactly the same.

It’s nothing to do with trying to be a bookmarking app. It’s that notes are a catch all for lots of linked information, and you want to get to the info fast. In general, you will probably write a link once, but may use it many times, so it better be fast to use.

Making you click twice, or long tap, to open a link would make Agenda unusual in the note taking space. We don’t think this is what most customers want, though I certainly see that it depends a lot on how you want to use the app.


I took your advice and tried Apple Notes. Notes moves the insertion point when you tap a link while editing. Notes opens the link when you tap while viewing the note.

Agenda is not following the precedent set by Apple’s Notes App. Agenda jumps to the link if you are editing or viewing.

To be clear, I am using the iOS app. Not the desktop app.

Tried Apple Notes (desktop and iOS) but either in edit or visualize mode, the URL is followed on one simple tap. Unless something is evading me, Agenda seems to be working like Apple Notes in this regard.

Still this doesnt bug me a lot. As I’m switching from Apple Notes to Agenda, I’m used to this. If I want to add something to the right, I click near the end of the URL; to the left, I click on the right then OPTION+LEFT; on the middle … I normally don’t do that :slight_smile:

Just my 5c :smiley:

On iPhone, Open Notes.
Start a new note. Type in
Add a few more lines.
B1) Touch The insertion point is moved.
Touch “Done” in the top right. The keyboard is dismissed.
Touch The link is followed.
Touch in a “blank spot” of the note. Keyboard slides up.
Touch The insertion point is moved.

Behavior B1 is desired.

iPhone. Start Agenda.
Start a new note. Type in
Add a few more lines.
B2. Touch The link is followed.
Touch the Keyboard icon in the keyboard’s toolbar OR touch another note. The keyboard is dismissed.
Touch The link is followed.
Touch in a “blank spot” of the note. Keyboard slides up.
Touch The link is followed.

Behavior B2 should be replaced with Behavior B1.

If I had a mouse, or a keyboard, this would be less of an issue. But I use my iPhone. So all I have is fat fingers.

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I just did some testing on my iPhone, and I’m afraid a tap on a link in Apple Notes is opening the link, even if I am in edit mode with keyboard showing. So not sure what could be going on here.

Are you on iOS 13?

Do you have some special settings for Apple Notes perhaps?

Kind regards,

Maybe a compromise would be if the behaviour was similar to Mail - the link is editable text until the email is sent, and then it becomes a clickable link?

That sounds good.

On iOS, If the keyboard is up then the links are text (that look like links). If the keyboard is down then the links are links.


We investigated this a bit more. It is actually not quite that simple in Apple Notes. Eg I was clicking links when the keyboard was visible, and it would follow the links.

It seems they try to detect keyboard activity. If you start typing, the links become editable, rather than live. So it is not only that the keyboard is visible, but also that you have started typing.

It’s not quite that in iOS - if you have just typed the URL - it’s editable, if it was already existing, you follow the link…

What version of iOS is this? Is it a real device or the simulator? Or that new iOS on macOS tool?

I am not seeing this on my iPhone 11. 13.3

What version of iOS is this? Is it a real device or the simulator? Or that new iOS on macOS tool?

I am not seeing this on my iPhone 11 os 13.3

In the Notes app that is not true. If the keyboard is up you cannot follow the link. In fact it isn’t a link when the keyboard is up. If I am wrong please post a picture.

This was indeed my conclusion as well.

If I open Apple Notes, and click a link, it immediately takes me to that web page. iOS 13 and iPhone XS. So seems Apple have managed to put together some pretty confusing interactions.

In their favour, it seems they show an underline when the link is clickable, so that is something.