Divide note to columns - OmniOutliner like

It would be very nice to have columns feature - some like omni outliner style so that we could make a more visual clear style. It could simplify complex and long notes to easily navigate. Hash tag and context navigation seem not allways sufficient.

Not sure if this is what you mean but we would like to make it possible at some point to collapse the sections in a note. Perhaps not entirely a “column” view, something we’re not very likely to add, but at least more of an outlining possibility.

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Hello Alexander,

I meant to have the possibility to devide the text verticaly, or at least add some special vertical column on the right side where some kind of comments or quick notes could be placed for instant navigation.

Thanks a lot for your effort, I appreciate Agenda very much,

my best regards,


Hi Jaroslav,

Does the table option not allow you to do this?

Hi Alexander,

partly, but it’s inconvenient.