Distraction free writing by hiding both sidebars

What I did: opened agenda and viewed a note. swipe to hide the calendar view, which disappears. swipe left to also hide the project/category list.

What happened: swiping left to hide the category list displays the calendar view. once the calendar view is displayed, I can hide the category list.

What I expected: both sidebars to disappear. What I want is a distraction free place to write (I use iA Writer for a lot of stuff, but lately I have been doing more note taking and I find the sidebars are distracting). When both sidebars are hidden, it would be nice if the note view expanded to take more of the screen.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): latest version of iOS Agenda. iPadOS 14.4.2

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I’ve just tested this - you can easily swipe left and right, in either order, to hide the sidebars, but Agenda is quite sensitive to where you start swiping. Try starting closer to the relevant sidebar and it should work fine.

Here’s what currently supported:

Swiping with your fingers:

  • if you swipe near the left divider/screen edge you will affect the sourcelist’s visibiliy (left sidebar)
  • if you swipe near the right divider/screen edge you will affect the related panel’s visibiliy (right sidebar)
  • if you swipe in the middle you will affect either sidebar in a fixed order as described.

The reason the middle pane works like this is that at any point there are two options, e.g. swipe to left: do you want to show the right sidebar or hide the left one? We therefore have to guess and make a decision based on which sidebar we think is most important. Of course if you swipe near the left or right end of the screen we can make a much better guess of your intention, and only affect the respective sidebar.

Now the nasty bit:

Swiping the trackpad of a hardware keyboard to the iPad

We wanted to do the same as above based on the position of the trackpad cursor, but alas, bummer, Apple apparently thought it a crazy idea that developers would want to know where the cursor is located on screen at a given time**. Given we can’t ask the system, it means we have no idea of your intention, and can only do the same as we do with a swipe in the middle: make a guess.

So yes, on iPad it’s less then great when using the hardware trackpad but it’s a system limitation.

**) of course on Mac this API has been there from the start, but the iOS team seems to like to “reinvent” things :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I will give this a try!

So I can’t get it to work.

It is just not obvious what I am doing wrong. For example, I put my finger on the gray “handle” for the left sidebar. I swipe left and the sidebar disappears. I put my finger on the gray handle for he right sidebar, but instead of the sidebar disappearing, the left one appears. After a lot of trial and error I found that if I tap twice on the gray handle, I can get the sidebar associated with that handle to disappear. woo-how!

You’re not using a trackpad, simply your finger on the screen, correct? We’ll have a look then if anything regressed.

finger on the screen. iPad is in portrait mode. I ignored try it it with the trackpad given your previous comments :slight_smile: