Distinguishing Tasks from Events in the calendar

I’m now adding tasks (with a time) to my calendar (now I’m experimenting with The Time Sector Method).

I was going to say that it’s impossible to distinguish Events from Tasks in the Calendar. Started writing this post, and then looked for carefully - and it’s already there, I just hadn’t realised.

Events - have a blue vertical line to the right
Tasks - don’t.


(I’ll post anyway in case it’s helpful to anyone else!)

Can you be a little more specific…What Calendar?

The Agenda calender:

Screenshot 2020-06-16 at 17.31.21

Great! Thanks.

As an aside and FWIW, for the last several months, I’ve been using Agenda primarily on my iPad Mini. AND, to my tired old eyes, those ‘dots’ didn’t even show up when I came across a random Reminder. Guess I should trade the Mini in for a Pro! Or I’m going to need a bigger DOT.

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I hadn’t even noticed the dot on my Mac! So long as you can see the line!

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