Displaying PDFs inline (iOS)

Hi, I’ve been using Agenda for a few days now, and I really like it so far.

The one thing that I’m missing is the ability to display PDFs inline in a note. When I attach a PDF on iOS, I just get a box with three lines and the PDF’s file name. I’d wish to see the PDF’s contents instead.


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We have an update coming that will show the PDF as an image on iOS, just like on macOS. Will be available in coming weeks.

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That sounds great! Would you mind letting me know here when you’ve shipped this feature?


I was just checking the feature on macOS. What I can see there is a thumbnail, but I can’t read the full pdf unless I preview or open it. I think what I’d like to have is something like viewing a pdf full-width so that I can actually read its contents without having to open some other window, view or similar.

Background: I’m taking handwritten notes in meetings which I’d like to have in my Agenda.

I have wanted the same thing… but now I wonder how it would work with multi-page PDFs?

I think you can show the PDF as a full width image on macOS, provided you have the premium features. It won’t be very readable; it is just snapshot of the PDF. To read it, you should open it or quicklook. For multiple pages, you need to do that anyway.