Display full title / heading of notes

The font size and layout of a note’s heading / title is such that it’s cut off with very few words showing.

Then when the heading is tapped, the words at the end appear and the words at the beginning are out of view.

The request here is to allow for multi-line headings or another solution where we can have the full heading of a note visible. This is, after all, the heading / title; it should be visible in full at all times.

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Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, this is on our list. We would like multi-line titles too. Stay tuned!


A user determined font size, or a much smaller font in bold. If the note’s date information could be optionally on a second line (maybe even a smaller font) but remain part of the heading (two line heading) that might make the note heading much more useful. Now on my phone, if notes are collapsed, I have to either “know” which note is which or guess and expand it to be sure.