Dismiss button

If a note happens to be set as “on the agenda” but is done then usually the user wishes to take it off the agenda and mark it as done. That requires summoning the dialogue twice, once for each instance. Just add a dismiss button. :roll_eyes: Now imagine if that note also happened to be pinned to the top of the project sequence. :roll_eyes: I know, “first-world problems”, but hey, those are my 2¢.

See this post, if you hold the alt/option key you can do this in one step already:

You’re referring to the macOS version perhaps or to iOS via Bluetooth keyboard. Regardless, neither work for my edge-case scenario.

I’m iOS exclusive and my most intense input for Agenda I do it with the iPad using Apple Pencil on a handwriting keyboard app called Mazec. I rarely use the on-screen keyboard, and never use a Bluetooth keyboard.

Here’s to hoping for a button for us edge-cases.

I’m afraid it’s not very likely as screen estate on iOS is so small I don’t think it justifies having an extra button, sorry.

As I said, this is a “first-world problem” for an edge-case. Oh well.