Discrepancy between iPhone and iPad with reminder link back to note

It seems like there’s an issue with the iPad version that I’m not seeing in the iPhone version. When I create a reminder in a note, the reminder appears in the calendar sidebar, and when I tap it on iPhone it gives me an option to “Go to Note”. But when I tap on the same reminder on iPad, that option does not appear.

I’m on iOS 12.3.1 on my iPhone, and iOS 12.4 (public beta) on iPad.

Are you sure that the reminder did sync to the iPad? Is it visible in the Reminders app? Ah, and the iPad is running iOS13 you say?

Well, I got it work on iPad, but only by going through the following steps:

  • Create the reminder in Agenda
  • Open Reminders
  • Force quit Agenda
  • Reopen Agenda

Only after I do this does the “Go to Note” option appear. However, when I create a reminder in Agenda on iPhone, the option appears immediately.

Again, is that because your iPad runs iOS13 and iPhone runs iOS12 perhaps?

iPad is on a 12.4 beta, as stated in the original post (12.4 (16G5056d) to be precise.)

Very strange, thanks for confirming, we’ll dive further into it.