Discount for Renewing Subscription?

Hi, I just want to know if you would give discount for renewing subscribers or students? I was one of those who were able to get the discount when the app was just starting out. I remember downloading it for the first time and never hesitated that Agenda is an amazing app, although some features were not there before.


Oh, yes, soon the “year” is over. But I just wonder what is the regular price for another year?
For me absolute OK to pay the regular price - for a great piece of software, great support and a great community.

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We haven’t fully decided yet, but in principal we have been transparent that it would be the regular price for another 12 months of new features. The big advantage of our model is that if you think that it’s not fair to pay for supporting our work without getting concrete features in return, you can wait until you feel that time is come. You won’t lose anything you already have when the 12 month period lapses and you can step back in at any time.

Of course it’s awesome to see that users like yourselves tell us that they’d like to support us in order to keep the lights on, thank you so much! Even if we don’t do a discount around the time of renewal, we have some other ideas to reward our hard core supporters, stay tuned!


That’s good to know. Well you have been already so generous with features even without the subscription. Thanks so much just wondering.


For me, it’s ok to pay yearly with no discount (for that price). Other companies offer discounts - but there, the yearly fee is a couple of $100 (discount included)

Apple dev account is $100/year (no discount), FMPerception is about 500, renewing with ~50%

The work for an app is big, really big… and Agenda is used here for business - no problem with paying - it’s 25 bucks here per year (iOS and osx together)



Hey there, wondering if there’s any updates to this for :slight_smile:

I paid $35 for my first purchase in my local currency. It’s now gone up to $50. If I were to buy a 2nd round, I would have paid $85 in total.

Am I correct to assume that new users who pay $50 will be able to get all the premium features that I have as well as new features in the next 12 months?

If so, it does seem like the long-time premium supporters are at a disadvantage. But perhaps I’m missing something.

I’m sure you guys probably have some thoughts on this already, hope to hear from you soon :relaxed: thanks!


The rationale behind our model is that your are not forced into having to renew if you don’t want to. You will never loose anything you already have and can decide to renew only when you believe you get a fair value for your money, and/or feel that we have done a good enough job for your to support our work.

Yes, that’s one way of looking at it. We have a slightly different view on that and believe that you have in the mean time enjoyed using those features and us supporting and updating the app, while that new users in one year has not. It’s similar to the classic “Should I buy a new computer now or in 3 months?” dilemma. Is it unfair that for the same amount of money those who buy in 1 year from now get better specs than you buying today? In a way yes, but then again, you wouldn’t have a better computer to enjoy for a year.

Good thing is, you are entirely free to make that choice, without being coerced into renewing because you’d otherwise loose all the premium features.


For the value of what they offer, add to that their small and unexpected surprises, the purchase is worth it to support them.


Maybe we are saying the same thing…my renewal date was in 8 days from today. Sharing feature dropped TODAY. Happens to be my MOST wanted feature. Could have waited another 12 months to renew. I didn’t wait. Renewed subscription Today. From my perspective, I didn’t pay for something I got today, but to encourage development for tomorrow. Personally, either way I look at it, this app and what it offers me is a BARGAIN.


Thanks for taking time to listen and share, Alex. I have to agree that I got so much value out from my first year and did not consider that.

Perhaps I was just concerned about the price hike (very reasonable) only in the moment but after reading your response, I’m in agreement.

In the same way I’d be paying an amount for an annual subscription for some other app, in this case my earlier years with Agenda would be discounted. But that’s where the comparison ends because with your unique pricing model, I get to keep using the premium features even if I don’t renew.

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Exactly, I think a lot of those discounts are offered by the developers because they realise it’s kind of unfair to putting your users a gun on the head and asking them to whether to renew and pay the full price again or loose everything…