Disappearing notes on iPad

Hello, i purchased the IOS agenda app a couple weeks ago (or around that time).

Today, i began to use it for a specific use: Fitness.

I created a category “Fitness” and inside named a project “Insanity”, adding 63 separate notes inside it.

Problem: I typed for each note “Day 1, 2, 3, etc…) and inside, the name of the workout i was going to make. BUT, after having written all, i noticed some notes while they display the name “Day X” have become EMPTY, meaning, the text inside the notes disappeared.

I went to the same notes and wrote again the name of the workout, but they kept missing.

Ive been doing this for a while now. This doesn’t give me much security to trust this app as a way to store important notes. These were just names of workouts, what if i wrote something for real work, etc?

They show as empty notes.

I’m using an iPad Pro 2020 12,9, latest iOS 14.8 firmware, with the apple magic keyboard (the one with the trackpad) and with iCloud activated.

Ive been looking around the forum and it appears more people have the same problem.

Just for reference: i wrote the notes on the iPad magic keyboard, some of them i copied and pasted from a website, but mostly typed them.

Some notes disappeared without explanation. I didn’t have any filter active etc. I was inside the project, scrolling through all the notes and some were empty while the majority wasn’t.

When i closed and quit the app and reopened it, the same missing notes were there. Nothing was back. So it didn’t have any effect on the problem.

I’m also using the latest IOS agenda app available.

Also, another bug I’ve found is that the right side, where you have the calendar events, normally there is some icons on top (where you can return back to the current day/date).

When i go to the settings or even the community icon and then return back to the agenda space (closing the community button), those same icons kinda of disappear.

They become so elevated (on the top) that i cannot touch them, if i swipe them down, i only swipe dates from my iOS calendar (which i connected with the app), so, in order to have the icons back “down” again, i need to close the app and open it again.

Sorry you are having these issues.

Can you send a screenshot of this problem with the right bar? It might give us an idea what is going on there.

The disappearing notes problem is more surprising. There were issues like that, but at least a year or two ago. I haven’t heard of it in recent versions. We thought we had tracked down most of the problems there.

Just to clarify:

  • The text in the note disappears, right? Not the whole note? You still see the title right?
  • Can you find any pattern? Eg. Were the notes with missing data ones you pasted? Or even ones you copied to paste elsewhere?
  • Was there anything about how you wrote the note that might give a clue? Eg. did you type it in, then immediately go to a different app, or different project, or even quit the app? Some action that might give us a clue?
  • Were the notes a single line of text? Ie the workout?

We have a tool that can bring back data that is lost. I would be interested to know if you can resurrect one of the problem notes. That would tell us that it did save OK, but something went wrong after that. If the data didn’t save, the problem is more likely an interface glitch.

If you want to try the tool to get back a note, here are instructions:

  1. Quit Agenda
  2. Run the LibraryReverter tool you can download from https://downloads.agenda.com/LibraryReverter.zip
  3. Navigate to, and select, this folder:
    ~/Library/Group Containers/WRBK2Z2EG7.group.com.momenta.agenda.macos/Release/Application
    There is a single space after “Group”, but no other spaces.
    (If you can’t find it, use CMD-SHIFT-G and copy the whole file path in.)
  4. Select the project in the list you wish to restore content for
  5. Select either a specific note or all notes for that project
  6. Select the time from which you want to restore any deleted content or notes (this means anything deleted after the time you select should reappear)
  7. Click on restore
  8. Launch Agenda. The deleted content should appear again (this can take up to 30s). It’s possible some notes will be in the Trash, if you moved them there before deleting them completely.

Kind regards,

Thanks for reporting that, we’ll check if it’s indeed reproducible this way, we had seen this happen once or twice but couldn’t reproduce it. If this does do the trick it should be relatively easy to fix things :+1:

I was using it on my iPhone 8 Plus 14.8 iOS firmware. I got it to happen again (the bug with the date bar)

But it happened yesterday more than once on my iPad.


A: I typed and then copied pasted them. Mixing typing with that on the 2nd time. The first time I didn’t leave the app. I had it side by side (window side by side on the iPad) with a workout calendar so I could copy and type the names. On the second time, I basically was doing command-shift to copy from a safari website to command-shift back to the app to copy paste it.

The notes were just a single line of text.

That’s pretty much it. Thanks.

PS- I can’t use the tool for recovering because my MacBook Pro is old and doesn’t work right. I mainly use the iPad as my main machine. But thanks.

OK. So it sounds like it is related to pasting, and perhaps being in the split screen mode. We will try to investigate it. Thanks for reporting this.


Yes I used it in split screen and also, toggling the safari window and the app window (I meant command-tab not command-shift, or whatever keys It uses, it’s just second nature, don’t even know what keys they are).