Disappearing Images

What I did: I’m copying notes in from both Notes and Bar

What happened: Initially looks OK but after a few seconds, images vanish

What I expected: All images would remain as per source app

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Running on iPad Pro 10.5 (IOS 12.2 Dev Beta 5)

Would it be possible to send us some screenshots or a screenrecording of what you describe?

Oddly, if I select all, copy and paste from Notes or Bear, the images copy across ok but if I close the Agenda note and then reopen, the text remains but the images are missing.

However, if I split screen and drag and drop the same images into their respective positions in the Agenda note, the images remain as I would expect.

Is there a difference between how the app handles a pasted image to one that’s dragged in? I would have assumed that they would be the same.

Ah, we actually don’t support copying of text with images yet at all. Are you saying that you are able to copy text with images from Bear? I didn’t think that would work, but if it does, it is by accident, and Agenda does not properly recognize the images. we will see if we can make it work in future.

Thanks for the feedback!