Disappearing checklist items

What I did: Created new notes with checklists

What happened: checklist items (first or last entry) disappear after switching projects

What I expected: checklist items do not disappear

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.3 (Mac App Store), macOS Catalina 10.15.3

We are investigating this. At this point, it seems to be a drawing glitch where the content gets cropped (cut off). The data itself is still there, and a restart will show it again. I think the glitch is likely triggered by the keyboard commands you use to make fast changes.

We will try to fix these, but not using the commands in short term may help prevent it.

For the drawing glitch you might be right, but there seems more to this as the data itself does not always re-appear!

I just had a somewhat new case: I just started Agenda and am again missing some item text which was there in the last session (and I did not move any notes or the like). Please see the attachment. Yesterday on the first note there was text on the last item. On the last note, the upper item had text and the second item did not exist.

Even more curious, now if I click just next to the upper bullet on the last note, the curser immediately jumps to the lower bullet.

We think the problem where the layout is messed up, hiding things, may have also caused other side effects. It’s possible that saving of the data was also affected.

We should have a new beta ready in a day or two. It would be great if you could give that a try, and see if the issues stop occurring. To get the Mac beta, you just need to use the web site version, and turn on the beta stream in Agenda > Preferences.

Note also that this cropping of content problem can lead to different issues. It can lead the note text to be cropped at the top or the bottom. Imagine you see just a single list item in a note, and think most of the note is gone. It could be that the note text is hidden above. Or, if you see a list item, and think the sentence is gone, it could be a different list item, and the actual text is hidden above or below. Until we have the fix, best to restart the app when you see something odd.

(There is actually a separate bug, which we just fixed now, where an empty line can become an empty checklist. This could also contribute to confusion. Eg. “Is that one of my checklist items, and the text has gone missing?” or “Is that an empty line that has become a check list item, and my other checklist items are actually invisible due to the cropping issue?” In short, it is an unfortunate combination of two bugs that may be causing this.)

Ok, I see. I changed to the web version and activated the beta stream.
Looking forward to the new beta…

We’ve just released a new mac beta that we believe should fix the issues you raised, could you give it a try and let us know if that’s indeed the case? You’ll find the instructions on how to install it here: https://agenda.community/t/help-us-beta-test-agenda-for-macos/907

I haven’t tried the beta, because I’m pretty slammed, but just wanted to stress that this is an actual data loss issue. I lost a bunch of info in various bullets that I can no longer get back.

Just now I was typing a note on MacOS that was underneath another (pinned) note. I finished typing, marked it done, and saw the bottom bullet point in the pinned note disappear right in front of my eyes. Without touching anything I looked at my iPhone, and after a second it took to sync, it disappeared on the iPhone too. This is pretty bad.

Edit: undo isn’t working, and “last edited” timestamp didn’t update on the pinned note. I’m afraid to open Agenda again until this is 100% fixed.

I have been using the latest beta for three days and it appears as if these issues have been resolved. No problems so far…

Great to hear! The 9.3.1 version is now available publicly too.

Note that the text wasn’t really gone. It was just cropped by a drawing glitch. Should be fixed now, with no text lost.

Updated, opened agenda, none of the bullet points that disappeared came back. Also curious, how would a drawing glitch explain having a clipped item sync to iphone?

I have had a similar thing happen, where I made a note with two bullet points, and then one of them just disappeared. It wasn’t a drawing glitch, the note simply doesn’t have that line of content anymore. It doesn’t show up on any devices, doesn’t match a search, doesn’t export – it’s just gone. Fortunately I caught it quickly so it wasn’t a big deal, but it is concering. And of course, it’s not something that is easy to replicate.

Ah, I didn’t realise the change had synced. That indeed would suggest a different problem.

And you have all of your devices on the latest version? There is no old iPad or something using an earlier version?

I can’t be 100% sure that versions weren’t slightly different between iPhone, iPad, and MacOS during the time where bullet points disappeared in the last couple of days. :grimacing: I did double check that everything is up to date as of today.

OK. We did hear from something else where it seems they had one device left on an old version, and that device was causing the mischief.

Best to see if things are normal from now on, and let us know if it happens again.

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