Disappearing “+” button when using Magic Keyboard

When using the Magic Keyboard on iPadOS 15.0.1, as soon as the trackpad pointer (grey dot) is about to sit on the “+” button (to add new note), the “+” button disappears off the screen (animates to the right, I think), and the pointer also disappears. If I click the trackpad at this point, the new note is created, but I’m flying blind, so to speak.

Also I’m still getting times when the notes in the list are displayed incorrectly, either overlapping or abnormal spacing at the end of a note. This can be fixed by collapsing and expanding one or some of the affected notes.

Thank for reporting this, we’ll have a look if this can be improved.

Update: this issues should be fixed in Agenda 14

I can confirm that this has been fixed in Agenda 14.


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